Saturday, July 25, 2015

Erin & Jill - Colorado Lovin'

Erin and Jill are long time friends, and when they asked me to do an anniversary shoot for them I just couldn't say no.

They love love love the great outdoors. They hike, camp, ski, cycle, all of it basically. So what better place to go for their shoot than the "out of doors". This is Palmer Park, it is smack in the middle of Colorado Springs. But when you're there it feels off the grid. The views of the Rockies are incredible from the park as well (hint... if you mountain bike this is a place right up your alley).

I love these two, and they love each other. So without further to-do. Here is a sneak peek into their session.

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The Christian's - Colorado Aviation Wedding

It has been approximately two months since my friends Kareena and Brian got married. It was by far the most unique wedding I've ever had the pleasure to attend or shoot. So today I share some more of my favorite images from their most important of days.

MUA: Jo Creech

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kareena & Brian - Pueblo Colorado Wedding (teaser)

Here's a taste of Kareena and Brian's radical wedding two weekends ago in Pueblo Colorado! More to come I promise. Thank you two for letting me capture your most important day!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brian & Kareena - Colorado Engagement

Kareena has been a long time friend of mine, AND the reason I met my wife. Needless to say she's important to me. It is a great honor for me to photograph her wedding next month. In the meantime she decided she wanted a 40s themed engagement shoot at a little tiny airport outside of Colorado Springs. This went down a couple weeks ago, and was a blast. She and her fiance had thought of everything - from planes to costumes, it was awesome. Brian's plane (the green Army Air Corps one) is an Interstate L6, and the one of just a few left.

So without further ado... Everyone meet the fun loving Brian and Kareena!

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So long! Until next time!