Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vegan Muesli...

I'm day 13 into a 24 day health challenge.  I'm feeling great, and I've traded out a lot of the things I'd been eating up until now with foods that are nutrient rich.  This has been really fun and a lesson that healthy food doesn't have to taste bad.

Here's one of my favorite things I've been whipping up lately, a Vegan Muesli.


  • Bob's Red Mill "Old Country Style Muesli" (contains: rolled oats, wheat, rye, triticale, barley, dates, raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts.  There is a GF variety available too.) 
  • Half an apple.  I'm digging Granny Smith.
  • Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
  • Agave Five sweetener.
  • Powdered cinnamon.
  • Put 1/2 a cup of the muesli mix into a bowl or other container.
  • Dice the apple into whatever size pieces you'd like, and then put those on top of the muesli.
  • Put a dash or three of cinnamon on top of everything.
  • Drizzle a small amount of Agave Five across the top.
  • Pour the Silk almond milk in until it covers the muesli, but not necessarily the apples.
  • Cover the bowl or container and put it in the fridge overnight.  
  • Enjoy in the morning!

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