Sunday, May 5, 2013

Down time isn't wasted time...

My wife and I just got back from an incredibly relaxing vacation to the Dominican Republic.  It was the first vacation where we weren't on the go the entire time.  Those other vacations to incredible places such as - Barcelona, Italy and France - were amazing; but I did feel this (internal) pressure to capture the perfect images, the best angles, the raddest silhouettes, even if that meant annoying the crap out of my wife.  This trip was entirely different, I held my wife's hand/a book/an adult beverage, more than I held a camera.  When I did take photos it was with my new GoPro Hero3S and I had no way of knowing how the image would turn out.  Not worrying about being creative or capturing anything other than mental images was sooo rewarding.  I needed this time away with my wife to learn to be quiet again.

I'm going to start scheduling time where I'm off the grid, quiet and still.  This will be so good for not only my creativity but also and much more importantly - my marriage.  I love you Andrea!

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