Tuesday, January 1, 2013

California Dreaming

This fall I had the pleasure to visit my homeland of California, and really soak it up.  My wife and I flew into San Fran on Halloween, then spent several days exploring the bay area and Napa Valley before heading so SoCal.  A highlight of our trip was driving the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) from Monterey to Los Angeles.  By far the most important part of our trip was seeing those people most dear to us.  We were even "lucky" enough to be there for my brother Steven and sister Nicole's adoption of their three awesome foster children.  Along the way I did happen to capture some incredible images, some of which might just be some of my all time favorite images.  Enjoy.

Click on an image for a larger/gallery view.

Rainy trolly ride in San Fran

Angel Island

The Golden Gate Bridge

Muir Woods

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Bixby Bridge along the PCH

Santa Barbara 


  1. LOVE the 3rd shot of the GG bridge. super rad Tim.

    1. Thanks bro! I wish this matched the decor in my house. I'd order a massive print.