Sunday, December 8, 2013

can't ignore the poor

My friend David Ramirez runs a ministry in California's Coachella Valley that serves the homeless and those in extreme poverty.  On Thanksgiving Day I had the honor to serve those people who David does, day in and day out.  David asked me to capture the Thanksgiving meal served in a park in Indio.  Here is one of the photos that I took.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Drew & Megan - Colorado Springs Engagement Session

I've known Drew for a few years.  And we've worked together too which was a blast.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing an engagement shoot for him.  This was the first time that I met his fiancĂ©e, Megan.  She and Drew both serve the Colorado Springs community in their professions.  They have a heart for others but don't take themselves too seriously.  These two have all sorts of funny dating stories and just generally love to laugh.

They got engaged a couple of months ago in the mountains of Colorado; which so happens to be the same place Megan's folks met and fell in love.  The engagement session was in the beautiful Garden of the Gods Park.

Everyone, Drew and Megan; Drew and Megan, everyone!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What better way to celebrate?

20,000 views?!  Thank you all so much for checking out my work.  I really enjoy being able to bring you into a world that I love.

This past weekend I spent some time camping with my wife and one of my brothers who recently moved to this amazing state of Colorado.  It pretty much rained the entire trip but there were a few minutes where the rain stopped and I was able to take some photos.  I've never really experimented with long exposure photography, but as fortune would have it I had a tripod and a polarizer with me.  So here you have it - my first foray into long exposures.
The beautiful Lost Creek Wilderness

North side of Pikes Peak
(This one isn't importing right... Hmm)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yes, I live here.

Colorado is an incredibly beautiful place.  This just doesn't do it justice.  Here's a few photos from my wife and I's trip to hike three 14ers (mountains over 14,000 feet) a week ago.

 Sunrise from Kite Lake.

 We're going way up there!

 The best dog ever.

 My fearless wife aka my best friend aka my adventure partner.

 The not so nice Mountain Goat.

It doesn't get better than this.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gray-Kawakami Wedding! Manitou Springs Colorado Wedding

My friends Brittany and Brian asked me to capture their wedding day.  It was an absolutely beautiful day there at the Craftwood Inn.  I'm sure you've all been dying to see the photos, so here are some of the best ones to give you an idea of how perfect the day was.

And of course... Thank you Brittany and Brian!

Also a special shout out to my assistant photographer, Abby Lockhart.  You rocked it.

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