Friday, November 2, 2012

Stone Wedding Sampler!

I've known Barton for several years.  We met years ago at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs Colorado, and since then have traveled with Axis, and generally hung out in our much loved state of Colorado.  Barton is one of those rock solid friends that asks the tough questions.  He'd mentioned girls he was interested in over the years, but when we met Sarah My wife and I knew that she was absolutely perfect for him.  We had the great honor to goto Jackson TN to capture their incredible day!

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^^^ Mr. Barton Stone ^^^


  1. Loving these wedding photos, my friend!! If only I would have known you did weddings prior to booking our photographer! ;)

    Now following!

  2. While I don't "do" many weddings, I do "do" weddings.