Saturday, November 17, 2012

A special shout out!

Typically wedding photographers have a "second shooter", some big time photographers may even have a "third shooter" and an assistant.  What is also typical is that the images created by these assistant photographers are claimed as the lead photographer's own work - never giving anyone praise.  I've been that photographer, today I'm going to break that mold.

It was a special privilege to shoot Barton and Sarah's wedding on October 20th in Jackson Tennessee, with of all people...  My wife!  Andrea has quite an eye for photography, before we ever met she had taken some incredible photos of places such as Venice and Maine.  She loves traveling, but since we've been together she has kind of stepped back and let me be the official photographer on our many adventures.

Several times I've joked that maybe I'd give her my Canon 50D and then buy a new full-frame camera. That way I get a new camera and an assistant.  But after seeing her photos from this wedding maybe I'm the one who should be the second shooter.

Andrea I love you, you're an incredibly talented photographer (not to mention super sexy)!

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