Monday, October 8, 2012

Pat and Kimbosha Engagement Session - Colorado Springs Photographer

Not only was it a pleasure to photograph Pat & Kimbosha's engagement session this past Sunday, it was a BLAST!  

I've known Pat for something like 10 years.  He is an incredibly humble man, and musician.  One of those guys you can count on, and one that people only have nice things to say about.  It had baffled me that Pat hadn't snatched up a cute young lady to make his wife sooner, but more and more I see that the proverbial "perfect timing" saying is true.  Kimbosha is the perfect match, at the perfect time.

Kimbosha is this unbridled ball of joy.  She is goofy, fun, creative, and a videographer!  I only met her recently, at what happened to be her brother's wedding; he was an old roommate of mine.  I remember seeing her family's Christmas cards on my fridge, when her brother lived with me.  These photos consisted of the family dressed in hilarious costumes (i.e. such as pirates).

This engagement session was a little different...  I just picked up some Cactus V5 remote triggers, and wanted to experiment with off-camera flash, this was my first outdoor use of this technique.  I also had my beautiful wife, Andrea, assisting me.  She hand held one small softbox with a Canon 580EX II flash.  We realized that we need to come up with some keywords so she knows what I mean when I say "turn it clockwise".  

Anyways.  Enough of me rambling.  Here you go!

(((Click on an image to see it larger in a gallery view)))

 I did not use flash for the above photos, just available light


  1. I know that spot! (literally). I thought it'd be perfect for pictures. Great job Kip.

  2. What a beautiful, quirky shoot for a beautiful, quirky couple. :o) They look perfect for each other, and it's clear that you were the perfect photographer to capture their unique and vibrant spirit. Give Pat and his lovely bride-to-be my love and very best wishes! ~Brooke McGuire Stage