Friday, March 2, 2012

Stop already!

You know those times in your life where it doesn't seem possible for you to get everything done that needs to be done?  I've felt that way for like a year.  There are so many road trips to take, photos to snap, books to read, people to love, work to be done, etc; and when these things don't get accomplished, or accomplished well I feel down.  So in the midst of my day today, one where I've already avoided going to the gym (for now), and where I'm trying to put the final touches on my tax preparation... I decided to take a break.  A break to do something that I love - especially more than taxes.  Here are a few photos from recent adventures.

Sometimes what might be more important than getting things done can be expressed through an old saying, "Stop and smell the roses."  Quiet calm, peace and quiet, R&R, somber (and sober) reflection.  Life is already too busy for our own good.  So take some time for yourself today.

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