Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You asked for it!

People have been begging to see photos from my honeymoon. I spent the last couple of hours going through my Lightroom library and picking out the best of/ my favorites. Doing some final tweaks and bing - bang - boom... Here you go!!!

(Click on photo to see a larger image)


 Fountain in Barcelona

 Street performer in Barcelona

 La Rambla - Barcelona

 Train station in Barcelona (as seen in Biutiful)


 Andrea's sexy legs :)

 Cruise ship

 Andrea on the train to Cinque Terre 

 Cinque Terre

 Cinque Terre

 Cinque Terre

^^^One of my all time favorite photos!^^^
Cinque Terre 

 Cinque Terre

 The Colosseum

 St. Peter's Basilica

 The Vatican Swiss Guard

 St. Peter's Basilica 

 The House of the Faun in Pompeii



 Us in Palma De Mallorca

 2nd largest cathedral in Europe (Palma De Mallorca)

 Staircase in our favorite shop in Barcelona


Monday, June 20, 2011

I Love Food! Nam! Nam! Nam!

It seems that a major part of our honeymoon was our culinary experiences. In fact I feel that we took more photos of food than we did of ourselves. Here's a little sample of our food adventures. I dare you to not get hungry... I double dog dare you.


 Goat cheese salad

 Our favorite coffee shop in Barcelona: Artisa


 Cured meat. Crazy expensive!

 Tapas! (chorizo, croquettes, patatas bravas)

 White sangria!


It's true. No lie.

In the HUGE market off of La Rambla in Barcelona

One of our favorite tapas bars 
and one of the funniest "inside jokes" came from here.

 Barcelona's hometown beer

Can't remember the name of this concoction but it may have been our favorite dish in Spain.
(mashed potatoes, fried eggs, fried onion straws, roast drippings)