Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nerdy November...

So last night I had my monthly Indie Movie Night, but this month was a little different. We dressed like nerds. All I really had to do was resurrect my high school "look". Ha Ha! It was a blast. And of course I had to break the camera out.

I wanted that clean studio feel so the setup was simple: Canon 50D, 24-70L lens, 580EXii (acting as a master directly on the camera - using the built in diffuser panel), and a 480EX (on the floor as a background fill)

Basic editing: brush tool to bring up the exposure on the wall. Brush tool (at times) to reduce the clarity of the wall to make it look smoother.

Mistake made: I was in a rush to get the lighting right and the dinner ready. For awhile I didn't have the background flash angled correctly, so the lower part of the wall was really "hot". This made for more editing of those photos.

Welcome to the nerd extravaganza!!!

A little blurry, but I love it!

Andrea and this nerd 



Apple geek.

 Garrett and Jen

 Joanna and Kevin

The Nerd Herd

(* Thank you Kareena for taking the photos of Andrea and I!)