Friday, November 12, 2010

Hunting for more than elk...

Tuesday night I got back from elk hunting. This was my 2nd year, and I thought I'd drag my camera along for the adventure. To keep things minimal I merely brought my Canon 50D, 50mm f/1.8 lens, cards, Ultra-Pod tripod and an extra battery. And of course I brought a oversized ziplock bag and waterproof bag just in case it rained or snowed; which it did and I was thankful that I had these along.

It is incredible to get up before the sun does, and hike and hike and hike, watch the sun come up and be surrounded by nature. Aside from being in nature, enjoying hunt-camp, and "family", the thing I've come to appreciate the most is being "off the grid" for several days. There is so much freedom in not being tied down by a cell phone, or wasting vast amounts of time on the computer. So what follows are some of my favorite images (my all time favorite image from this adventure will be posted later. It needs some noise reduction work.)

 My friend and "brother" Dan

 Some "flipped-50" action!

 The incredible sunrise on Sunday morning

 Just one of the tallest Aspens I've ever seen. 60+' tall.

Winchester 70 - 7mm WSM

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