Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Dantzler!

I had the privilege to be invited to Lydia and Leland's wedding in Lakemont, Georgia (05-23-10). And not only was I the guest, I was also the photographer. I spent the weekend hanging out with Lydia's eccentric southern family, and stuffing my face with incredible BBQ and other homemade goodies. It truly was an honor to photograph Lydia and Leland's special weekend, and their wedding day. It was my first time shooting a wedding as a first shooter (and I will add, as an only shooter); so I was rather nervous. 
As I go through and edit the photos I am just awed and amazed by this love story.
First off, let me explain how I know the couple... I met Lydia like 3 years ago when she was working at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs Colorado, and I came around and volunteered in the kitchen. She stayed here in Colorado Springs to attend Focus on the Family's "Institute". We'd hang out occasionally, and I helped her move a couple times... Hmm. Ha Ha. She and I then went on to work for our friend David's incredible ministry called Axis. This past October we traveled to San Francisco and taught at two high schools, a youth group and hosted two parent meetings. The trip was stressful, especially when our friend and teammate Jon Jon got sick and had to goto the hospital, but in the long run we saw God working among the students and in awesome ways in our own lives.
Now back to the love story.
Lydia and Leland grew up there in Georgia. Grew up hanging out together, playing house, and spending summers at Lake Rabun. When they say "We've known each other since kindergarten," they really mean it. Apparently over the years Leland was developing quite a love for Lydia. Eventually Leland flew out to Colorado Springs, and confessed his love to her. This didn't go over so well seeing that she was in a relationship at the time. But he knew he needed to tell her. What was a daring move, ended up for the best. And after a short time Lydia realized her long held love for Leland too. And well, now they're married. It was quite the celebration.
Lydia and Leland, thank you for having me.

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