Monday, May 17, 2010

Kevin and Joanna

My favorite photo from the shoot

My second favorite photo

Badda Bing! Wit' a RING!

Kevin is my roommate, or as I like to say, "my tenant". He moved here from Minnesota last fall to start a life here in Colorado and be close to his girlfriend, now fiancee, Joanna. Kevin Is a great guy, even though he is really conservative :) I'm rarely up in the morning, but on one occasion shortly after Kevin moved in I happened to be up early and found him in the kitchen making breakfast. I had my assumptions about him seeing as he truly is a conservative. Well, that ass-u-me thing came true. Kevin was wearing a t-shirt that read, "EXTOL MAKES ME HAPPY". I was like WTH?!, how can a Michael W. Smith fan love metal??? Well, Kevin does have a (fairly) good taste in music. His favorite band being Project 86, shoot maybe it's August Burns Red. Either way not too shabby.

Kevin and Joanna met at Focus on the Family Institute, or as it's also referred to, Focus Leadership Institute. The story goes; Kevin liked Joanna but these feelings were unrequited. Well, some time passed and well it looks like it'll be happily ever after. Kevin works as a CNA at Memorial Hospital here in Colorado Springs, and Joanna works with special needs kids at a high school in Castle Rock. They'll be making their home here in The Springs after their August wedding. It has been a pleasure having Kevin as my roommate and also getting to know Joanna (even if she's kinda shy.)


  1. I love these! Kevin looks extra hott. :)


  2. I like the shots with blue and white building in the background! where did you find it?

  3. @Susan, it's at 26th and Cucharras in Old Colorado City.