Saturday, February 20, 2010

Visionaries 1st photo shoot

ISO 200 -- 24mm -- f/4.0 -- 1/125sec

Today wasn't the most ideal day to go on an outdoor photo shoot (however the snowy sky provided great diffused lighting). When I arrived (late) this morning it was a balmy 26 degrees, and of course the wind was blowing slightly. The beautiful lady pictured is my long time friend Jen Honken. She works for Summit Ministries ( in Manitou Springs Colorado. I didn't get as much time to sort out what I wanted to do with this shoot, and that left me rather frustrated, but I guess that's better than Jen getting hypothermia. There isn't much I'd change about this photo though, except for: possibly using no flash, or repositioning it, and also make sure there aren't any people reflected in the mirror behind Jen.

I definitely need to work on shooting for "spreads".

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