Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Help-Portrait style

ISO 400 -- 24mm -- f/6.3 -- 1/250sec

My friend Caleb Lazaro and his family (Danny and Myriam - first two ladies above) adopted a mobile home community to love on people there. Caleb had heard about an event that took place just before Christmas called "Help-Portrait". The idea there was to provide portraits to people and families who couldn't afford them. So today we shot photos for about eight couples from the community. It was a fun time. We were hoping for more but many people assumed that there was a "catch" to our generosity. We did a quick but fun session with each couple. And the images were immediately edited by my friend Shun-Luoi. We then showed the final product to people on a 27" iMac, and they were able to choose a photo or two to be printed on the spot for them. The couples were given the photos on a CD to have for later. The above photo was taken at the end of the day because the girls had helped all day and wanted to have their photos taken. This is the only photo of people there that I can officially show. The only thing I would have done differently for this photo is I would have left Myriam's hair alone. Prior to the shoot I tried to give her a faux-hawk...

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