Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shooting for spreads...

There will be more to come from this shoot, but I was itching to get something posted. So here are a couple images...

ISO100 -- 35mm -- f/3.2 -- 1/200sec

ISO100 -- 35mm -- f/3.2 -- 1/200sec

My mentor Christina has been pushing me to shoot for "spreads", actually since September, when I took a photo course through The definition of a "spread" is typically 3 images that support one another. So a wide shot, a mid shot and a detail shot. I do have some 3 photo spreads that will be posted from this shoot once I edit them. So for now here's a 2 photo spread of my friend and musician, Joel Wise. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just a shout out!

ISO 100 -- 50mm -- f/4.5 -- 1/100sec

This isn't a new photo. I took this back in September of 2009, while out in the Thermal California area with my friend David Ramirez (above), as he was showing me the communities that he ministers to. This is an area where the poorest people in the U.S. live, just miles away from Indian Wells; where people like Bill Gates have homes. Portrait was taken while the sun was high in the sky, but I found a shaded area under a porch to get the lighting right. It was still very bright out because the sun was reflecting off the desert floor. 

Check out David's website:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Visionaries 1st photo shoot

ISO 200 -- 24mm -- f/4.0 -- 1/125sec

Today wasn't the most ideal day to go on an outdoor photo shoot (however the snowy sky provided great diffused lighting). When I arrived (late) this morning it was a balmy 26 degrees, and of course the wind was blowing slightly. The beautiful lady pictured is my long time friend Jen Honken. She works for Summit Ministries ( in Manitou Springs Colorado. I didn't get as much time to sort out what I wanted to do with this shoot, and that left me rather frustrated, but I guess that's better than Jen getting hypothermia. There isn't much I'd change about this photo though, except for: possibly using no flash, or repositioning it, and also make sure there aren't any people reflected in the mirror behind Jen.

I definitely need to work on shooting for "spreads".

Friday, February 19, 2010


ISO 100 -- 25mm -- f/4.0 -- 1/100sec

This corner of my living room has the best window light. To the right side of the picture is two sliding glass doors which face due north, or maybe seeing that I live in Colorado should say "North Face". I've always wanted to photograph someone here, but my roommates aren't home right now. I tried a few shots in manual-mode, and I was having so so success. This was shot in aperture-priority, and I selected the ISO and well, aperture. It has minimal post-processing. It turned out ok, even if I don't really care to have photos of myself. I could have used my reflector to fill in the right side of my face more, but I didn't want to because I like the slight shadowing in the top right corner, and the reflector would have cancelled that out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Help-Portrait style

ISO 400 -- 24mm -- f/6.3 -- 1/250sec

My friend Caleb Lazaro and his family (Danny and Myriam - first two ladies above) adopted a mobile home community to love on people there. Caleb had heard about an event that took place just before Christmas called "Help-Portrait". The idea there was to provide portraits to people and families who couldn't afford them. So today we shot photos for about eight couples from the community. It was a fun time. We were hoping for more but many people assumed that there was a "catch" to our generosity. We did a quick but fun session with each couple. And the images were immediately edited by my friend Shun-Luoi. We then showed the final product to people on a 27" iMac, and they were able to choose a photo or two to be printed on the spot for them. The couples were given the photos on a CD to have for later. The above photo was taken at the end of the day because the girls had helped all day and wanted to have their photos taken. This is the only photo of people there that I can officially show. The only thing I would have done differently for this photo is I would have left Myriam's hair alone. Prior to the shoot I tried to give her a faux-hawk...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So the adventure begins...

ISO 500 -- 24mm -- f/6.3 -- 1/40sec

My first post on my new blog! And what a better way than to start it out with quite possibly my favorite portrait that I've ever taken (01-30-10)? This is my friend Caleb Lazaro, he is an incredibly passionate believer who is seeking the Lord in ways outside of the American "norm". He has a huge heart for the poor, the destitute and the forsaken. I don't spend enough time with him as he is always busy with seminary, serving the least, and family. But I can't blame him.

My photo mentor, the talented Christina Dickson of has been challenging me in things outside of the photographic realm, specifically: personal development. It has been awesome, and life changing even over the course of the past month and a half. I don't know that I've ever truly taken the time to think about who I am, and why. Sad seeing that I'll be 32 next week... This blog is dedicated to that personal development, specifically photography. (And writing development too because I love to write, I just don't do it frequently.)

About this photo:
I had dreamt this shot up for a couple of weeks after visiting Caleb at his work, City Rock ( in downtown Colorado Springs. I saw this galvanized steel sign in the climbing gym, and just knew I had to take this shot in front of it. I had nice window lighting, and I had Caleb stand about 6 feet away from the sign to add that extra "blur" from the depth of field. The ONLY thing I would have changed about this photo is I should have shot it straight on so the "rock" is all symmetrical, and there aren't any funky angles. I don't recall why I didn't shoot it straight on. I do recall trying to make sure I didn't get a bathroom sign in the shot on the right, and the Y from "city" on the left. Hmmm...